My stint to do on own

November 11, 2009

In this age of time there is one Buzzword which surrounds you always.
You come across it during

– Entertainment
– Politics
– Terrorist
– Economy
– Job
– Food
– Education

You just can’t deny its presence its every where inspiring you, deceiving you, luring you, dominating you.

…… And The word is “America”.

You may be thinking this guy has gone crazy, too much influenced by USA or may be he watch too much of Hollywood.
But the Bottom line is we all are going through this same age.

America has proved to be most influential on world cultures. Everyone Follows them, Connects to them.

Why ????
What is that they have which makes them lead everyone else?
What is so special about them ?

I will try to answer above questions in spirit of Entrepreneurship—-


Finally The Day arrived

October 15, 2008

The Day here is When m writing Second Post on my blog.

So much to write so much going in my head. Its similar to waves in ocean, everyone moving where it wants.

May be I don’t Know how to Blog….

I think I got the topic its “I don’t Know”

One of the best lines I heard and realized in my life till now is “I don’t Know”

The most difficult questions creating turmoil in my mind can easily be rectified by this one sentence

I don’t know

When I have no where to go and everything seems to confuse there comes the Messiah to rescue

I don’t know

I realized its basically when you give up on a situation with all your taught intellects, after making haphazard efforts

of getting through you realize something is wrong.

I be a Child and say I don’t know.

Quote of today

July 22, 2008

While sitting in my toilet I had this thought across my mind.

” Education is required till the time you realize that you are not scared of studying and learning anything”

~Gurminder Singh

Hello world!

June 27, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!