My stint to do on own

November 11, 2009

In this age of time there is one Buzzword which surrounds you always.
You come across it during

– Entertainment
– Politics
– Terrorist
– Economy
– Job
– Food
– Education

You just can’t deny its presence its every where inspiring you, deceiving you, luring you, dominating you.

…… And The word is “America”.

You may be thinking this guy has gone crazy, too much influenced by USA or may be he watch too much of Hollywood.
But the Bottom line is we all are going through this same age.

America has proved to be most influential on world cultures. Everyone Follows them, Connects to them.

Why ????
What is that they have which makes them lead everyone else?
What is so special about them ?

I will try to answer above questions in spirit of Entrepreneurship—-


2 Responses to “My stint to do on own”

  1. Neeraj Says:

    You are right. US is the supreme power. You can’t deny the fact that US is leading the world. Every nook and corner follows him. He owes the World Bank. UN is an alias of US, as US donates the maximum funds, although the money is raised by encroachment of oil wells. US is the no. one economy and dollar a global currency as oil producing nations are forced to sell oil in dollars. Who decides how many US dollars get printed each year and how they are entered into circulation? Answer is no one as US is monitoring himself. There is no Gold reserves rule which applies to all other economies. In short US is supreme because of OIL. That is why you find US engaged in middle east.

  2. Climfort Says:

    You have a wonderful website! I wish you good luck and development! Thank you!

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