Finally The Day arrived

October 15, 2008

The Day here is When m writing Second Post on my blog.

So much to write so much going in my head. Its similar to waves in ocean, everyone moving where it wants.

May be I don’t Know how to Blog….

I think I got the topic its “I don’t Know”

One of the best lines I heard and realized in my life till now is “I don’t Know”

The most difficult questions creating turmoil in my mind can easily be rectified by this one sentence

I don’t know

When I have no where to go and everything seems to confuse there comes the Messiah to rescue

I don’t know

I realized its basically when you give up on a situation with all your taught intellects, after making haphazard efforts

of getting through you realize something is wrong.

I be a Child and say I don’t know.


One Response to “Finally The Day arrived”

  1. Prabhash Says:

    U know what…
    I really “dont know” what to write as comment, but its a nice start though. So when should i expect to know that you know something and have written abt that known thing..

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